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from the united nations on this presidential statement condemning the actions of north korea can set the stage for tougher actions in the future if china -- if north korea were to launch another missile. that missile has been launched. we now think it's time for tougher actions since her engaging diplomatically with china and other members of the u.n. security council on tougher resolutions and possibly sanctions against north korea. >> make any progress quick >> if you type to the state department to figure out what's going on. we've conveyed very frankly, candidly to the chinese in both washington d.c. and beijing in my case. >> in beijing, what is the view that you can tell of kim jong-un about what power he has, who he is, what its capabilities are to stay in north korea? >> the chinese believe we need to give north korea a chance in and develop economically. china would like all the parties that are part of the six party talks to get back to the table and to see if we can't encourage better behavior from north korea as opposed to imposing sanctions now and trying to coerce north
of what they believe is virtue. it is a totalitarian society because it dictates your scope of action in life. it dictates fundamental moral choices about who to marry and whatever, all kinds of stuff. that's another way in which we need to understand and that also leads to some deeper appreciation of how you go about tackling this. very briefly, we should distinguish the term liberalism from democracy. democracy is simply a process. you had an election. he took a bow for their own enslavement and often do. people forget this. they think world for freedom. i'm sorry, but there's a constituency that is per submission. this is a site goes fact of life that is not fully appreciated. in the west. so how do you go about it? to distinguish between democracy and liberalism and you try as best you can to promote the spirit of liberalism, even if it is procedurally at the expense of the brotherhood. >> your response to that? >> i'm listening to this discussion which i enjoy thoroughly, but my mind as to how we do this. and i would throw home one point that i'm trying to stress here that i may
's deskity -- great specificity if they failed to take the action they were about to do. the public reaction was harshly negative. the notion of the government of the united states bailing out a large private insurance company created controversy and criticism for almost every corner. ultimately, the rescue of that company cost $180 billion. a staggering sum. but you know what? we've just learned this week that the taxpayers will make money on the deal. yes, it cost us $180 billion. but the taxpayers are going to make $22 billion on the transaction. and if we hadn't done it, we would have risked going into a depression. so when people say there's no role for government or it should just be a limited, shrunken role, really? would we have wanted to stand by and risk this country going into another great depression? let's recall what that was like. more than 20% of the people in this country out of work. i know my open grandfather -- own grandfather who refused to take bankruptcy owned stock in the local bank. in those days you had unlimited liability. if you owned stock in a bank. so when ther
members in class action settlements. he has argued 20 cases in the supreme court, including victories in the virginia state board of pharmacy, virginia citizens consumer council, making it subject to the first amendment. and striking out over 200 federal laws containing the legislative veto is a violation of separation of powers. he previously taught at harvard, stanford, hawaii and american university law school spirit he is a member of the american academy of fellow lawyers, and was the president from 1999 until 2000. he is a graduate of the yell university and harvard law school, served his commission as officer in the u.s. navy and was an assistant u.s. attorney in new york. please welcome dean alan morrison. [applause] >> thank you, roger. i also have the distinction of two things. one, i read and commented on the book, i don't want to get any medal of honor for that. nobody has come after me out. you should've read the draft that i wrote. [laughter] second, i am one of the few who practices regularly before the supreme court that did not file for the fisher v. university of tex
'm not going to go into every action that were taking, but i hope what people see from this is we are continuing to be aggressive about taking action and ensuring we can put the phone in the best position possible while balancing the need to provide access to credit for would-be home buyers and healthy neighborhoods in the nation frankly keep this fragile housing recovery going. it's attending medical very much. [applause] >> thank you so much. that was a remarkably clear and informative presentation in a short time. we appreciate that. and now it's my pleasure to introduce our impressive panel. we'll go in order. roberto quercia misdirect her of the usc center for community capital where he leads major research projects related to low income homeownership, mortgage lending, said private predatory lending and financial services. very called to call this honora key part or in housing issues and were thrilled to have him here today. david stevens is president and chief executive officer of the mortgage banking association. he was president of him as first commissioner in 2009 to 201
garden so business. their insurance costs will go up excessively but unless congress takes action to address the definition of a base and are the coverage provided to dizziness, the garden so business or home owner will be forever codify many flood insurance system that fails to benefit down in any meaningful way. the inequity of the system is to pair up when we see homeowners receiving $250,000 in coverage for vacation homes on the sure what primary homes and businesses fall through the cracks of the flood insurance program. in the immediate term i strongly urge congress to provide direct assistance for businesses and residents can't flood insurance trap. specifically ask you to take action to address the unfair basement issue for the future. i suggest rather than deny people coverage businesses and residents should be given incentives to invest in the necessary steps to reduce the impact of flooding. for example, there could be assistance of encouraging a solution of energy-efficient tanks on higher floors installed in closets. the current system does not provide incentive. infl
on the united states. instead of really the lack of action by so many other nations around the world. we have a most magnificent system of law. it is a foundation of our liberty and our happiness. thus, if we were to ratify this treaty, we can be sure a lot of international hypocrites will soon but did demand the united states do this or that. all the while, their countries would've been in full violation of every level of the treaty. that is the way it works around the united nations. many other mischievous actions will rise and we will have meddlers complicating our internal efforts and our internal health policy. the united states and the world can do more for the cause of the disabled. i truly do. i risibly visited the alabama schools for deaf and blind. and i personally saw how inexpensive computers can transform the lives of the disabled. deaf and blind can move from being disconnected too connected, from unemployed and highly productive. it was such a moving and positive experience to see what can be done today with the technology of this world. at walter reed national military medical
. with or without congressional action. our guest will be david ingram, the justice department correspondent for reuters. "washington journal" is live on c-span everyday at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> her first experience was to come in at different ways than every other family here. it is interesting because after dad was sworn in, we went and@p@ took a picture photo of the family behind the oval office desk. that night, we didn't get to move into the white house. nixon had left so quickly and unexpectedly, they left their daughter and son-in-law to pack all of their clothes and belongings. it literally took seven or eight days. we had to go back to our little house in alexandria, virginia, suburbia, the neighborhood we were surrounded with the secret service. and i will never forget that night mom was cooking dinner. literally we are, you know, sitting around the dinner table or a mom is cooking dinner, and she looked over at my dad and said, jerry, something is wrong here. [laughter] she said you just became resident of the united states, and i'm still cooking. [laughter] growing up in white ho
. there is a rearguard action in this building but i polluters to try to prevent us in taking action on this. we have to face the fact that deniers are wrong. they are just dead wrong. whatever motivations may be, they are wrong and we have to deal with that and i think some of the courtesy we've given to one another collegially really have to yield to the fact that some of the things said in the senate and equitably in this committee chamber just plain wrong. sandy shows the price of not being attentive to these facts in a thank you for your leadership, madam chair. >> senator, i want to thank you for your remarks. i feel, as you do, that the clock is ticking and hurricane sandy has shown us all what the scientist sitting right in this room today i got the goupil all were sitting right there and told us exactly what would happen and it's all happening. you can close your eyes and cover your ears and put a pillow over your head, but anyone with a heart beat and he pulls can tell that things are changing. and you are right and we are going to do everything we can do. to make progress. how much you mak
, humanitarian assistance, and humanitarian mine action. moving forward, the defense department stands ready to work with the state colleagues to ensure that the best way ahead in supporting sector reform including by providing additional infantry training. mr. chairman, the scale of the need is significant. to date we have trained one buy talon of 500 soldiers in a military that approximately 150,000. owner european and african partners have provided training. they have absorbed the capacity for assistance is limited. the defense ministry has been slow to respond to the request for the provision of appropriate personnel for training and information necessary for congregationly mandated human rights vetting. the lack of english language capacity further inhibits training opportunity. drc continues to work with the -- operation remains essential in providing security for the civilian population in the drc. they have a challenging mandate in a fluent security climate. we are reviewing options for improving the ability to meet the civilian protection requirements in the drc. to assist them, th
in a written statement thursday steps the cftc can take to eliminate uncertainties. such actions would provide the space needed for global regulators to strive for convergence in achieving with derivatives reform, that provide the time for the cftc and the fcc to establish a consistent with the cross-border application of title vii's requirements. thank you from yesterday to contribute to dialogue and look forward to any questions you may have. >> mr. bopps for coalition users. thank you for being on the panel. to recognize for feminists. make sure you do clothier might close to you. >> mr. chairman, ranking member waters, i want to thank you remedy the coalition for derivatives and users to be presented at this important hearing. the coalition includes more than 300 end-user companies and trade associations and collect it would represent thousands of users across the country. and as i united one respect to the strip it is to manage risk not to create it. they are able to maintain more stable and successful operations through the use of a variety of risk management tools including derivatives.
into action. but he failed to do so. the tea party freshman at time i spent a great deal of time and i spent time with an awful lot of them, like him personally, found an admiral and a genial ceo. this certainly not as their real leader. that has been implicitly cleared throughout the 112 congress. eric cantor, the majority leader is a bit different. somewhat younger than boehner, a very clever guy, very, very ambitious, he has his own channel interesting than the obama white house's vice president i. they're very close in a sort of need each other as information sources and they believed it was biden who is leaking to eric cantor is speaker boehner was pursuing separate talks with obama during the so-called talks of which eric cantor was livid and ultimately what data this talks almost certainly because the dynamics going on with honor. that is the excuse he gave was that democrats will low. this is how childish you? >> guest: the question i'm going to ask is if eric cantor what passed john boehner, he wouldn't hesitate to push them, would you? >> guest: is it even-tempered sort. unless the
by 2009 water the top two actions of federal government, state, local, re search universities assure the ability of doctoral education needed to help me to national goals for energy and environment and security in the 21st century. the working group of the national academy inform public opinion, shape policy. that question posed by congress is pretty complicated and those leaders needed to put together a panel. from business, an industry, academy, government i have the privilege of being a member of the panel. asking for action three universities with 10 recommendations with the time frame between five and 10 years. focus on policies more international students are applying to come. >> fact is because of the chinese food. but we benefit more after they graduate percolated is our national interest to attract and keep these people. many but to be as efficient as possible and insure a larger number of researchers remain in the country to recommend to obtain permanent and let's grant to have the area of national needs there're a recent actions of congress and the house has passed h.r. 64
uk youth parliament in action. but i have to say, it has been a hugely humbling experience, and i have to say also left me feeling a little inadequate. because you can't fail to be impress bid the quality of debate here today. we witnessed honesty, frankness, and dignity, displayed in caller and deeply knowledgeable speeches. there were a real testament to the talent of young people here and elsewhere in our country. we felt a little love. in the chamber today. we have seen better fashion on display. we have been told to take a good look in the mirror at ourselves, also had a rallying call to work for something else which will not be a slogan of my next election campaign. [applause] >> mr. speaker, we have had energy, eloquence, passion, in abundance, so i want to pay tribute to all of you who have taken part in today's debates. we even have booms and almost have explosions. metaphorically speaking, of course, i don't want to get myself into trouble. so where l you contributed in relations to the debate on transport, marriage, education, employment, or the curriculum, you tested a
. conversion rates for the interactions are at 34%, being a member, got the message, took the action, and the gap in care was closed. leading to higher quality and lower costs. our vision includes technology that enables practice management, practices that use different electronic health records to exchange information and talk to each other. this allows physicians to share patient information in realtime that can further reduce the gap in care. we also support health plan members with array of services and programs designed to maintain health and address chronic conditions. we start with personalized feedback. members through a health assessment, a biometric screening. this feeds into humana vitality, a personalizedded health portal rewarding the member for following a customized exercise, diet, and lifestyle plan. essentially, we're borrowing from other industries to create an experience like the frequent flier program. .. identify individuals before the critical events occur. humana care blends onsite and telephonic support. humana care develops individuals ' self-care, goals supp
staff and funding. are you examining the actions you can take to reduce burdens on small ph a? >> yes, we are examining, particularly the burden reporting on regulatory burden on small. : chased. indeed we are trying a couple of things in a couple of different areas. one, as i said earlier, we want to look what we can do it earlier to streamline across the board. we're looking at our how data collection systems to make sure we ask for it only one time and that when we ask for it it's information that we're going to use, not information that we're not. you want to make sure our data collection is as tight as possible. in addition, the regulatory relief for small agencies in particular. there are some things that we think make totally good sense from a property management and monitoring perspective. we want to take those, not just for small agencies but to scale because of there good for small agencies doing real estate property management, then they're good for other barger agencies. there are other issues around regulatory streamlining that we would like to talk more with both the com
-year-old child being immersed in the culture. sort of a lower middle class action. the exotic smells of jakarta. his father riding a motorbike to his job. his mother was there as well. that was his wife, life, he adapted. he had to adapt. but he did the best he could. >> host: why did he leave jakarta in 1971? >> guest: his mother couldn't afford to send them there. those 3.5 years, he is in indonesia, immersed in the language. the mother is waking up at 4:00 a.m. to teach him with english schoolbooks to supplement his learning. it is very difficult. and the whole process was something that she realized that she loved indonesia, she was still married, she wanted to stay. but it was coming to a point where she had to make a key decision. it turned out that he could get into the best elite private schools in honolulu, so he went back in fifth grade to start their. >> host: he lived with his grandparents in honolulu in an apartment? >> guest: yes, they moved to an apartment. it was five blocks from the school. he lived there from fifth grade through his senior year. >> host: from ages 11 to 18 yea
of mystery uncertainty in his actions and personnel? >> yeah, of course. >> but may be in him one of the things -- i mean come you covered george w. bush. i wrote for books on him. there was a lot of mystery about what bush felt -- yes, a gut player. as he said, his job was to put some calcium in the spine. but i think obama is a little bit more of an uncertain figure and quite frankly when he writes his own autobiography and his time as president and there is more excavation of all of this, we're going to discover that he's working it out as he plays the game. somebody with a little more experience under their belt might not be doing. >> some other comments you he made about president obama including but she just said executive subtext or little disappointed or underwhelmed. >> i wouldn't say disappointed. it goes to the question of what is our job in the news media. our job is to be, "politico" specializes in a 242nd, not in a hostile negative way, but you are asking and raising questions and that's the job. look, what's happened in the last many decades in the presidency, incre
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18